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mary poppins
R E S E R V E D | C H A R A C T E R S
Updated 16.Jan.11

These are the reservations currently held here at Fractured Reality. If a character is on this list, that player has first claim to the character listed; we do not accept challenge applications. Only if an application is rejected can another player apply for that character. Reservations are not mandatory in any way.

Reservations will last for one week. A player may freely request to extend to a second week; they may also extend a third week if they can provide adequate reasoning for doing so.

Reserved until: DATE
. CANON | Name

└ Player: user

Please comment using the following
code to reserve a character:

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Canon: Life on Mars
Character name: Gene Hunt
Player Name: Teyla
Player journal: t_eyla

Not quite sure about this yet, but have a reserve. :|b

Apologies for the late reminder. Your reservation expired on January 5. You are welcome to post again to reserve the same or a new character at your leisure.

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